Welcome to Swanner Physical Therapy!

Swanner Physical Therapy is located in the beautiful Ojai Valley, just 20 miles east of Ventura, CA. Owned and operated by Dan Swanner, MA, PT, since 1998, Swanner Physical Therapy specializes in outpatient physical therapy, hand therapy, aquatic physical therapy and occupational therapy.

The philosophy at Swanner Physical Therapy begins with engaging the patient in the rehabilitation process from the start. We believe that the ultimate responsibility lies with the patient and therefore start with home exercise training on the first visit.

The atmosphere at Swanner Physical Therapy is upbeat, positive, friendly and caring. Each patient is seen by their respective therapist each and every visit and is truly valued and cared for individually.

Our equipment includes treadmills, stationary bicycles, an upper extremity ergometer, a Total Gym, Lifeline resistive cables, an upper extremity rebounder with medicine balls, mini-trampoline, foam rollers and exercise balls.

Swanner Physical Therapy